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Experience Laal in Geneva

If you're in or around Geneva and wish to explore our exquisite Pashmina and cashmere collections, we invite you to schedule a viewing. Although we are primarily an online store, we welcome you to schedule an appointment for an exclusive showcase of our collection in Geneva.

Photo of a Laal collections viewing in Geneva, showcasing elegant Pashmina and cashmere pieces in a sophisticated setting.

Personalised Viewings by Appointment

We believe in offering a bespoke experience. As a home-based online store, Laal provides the chance for customers to schedule personalised viewings. This approach allows us to focus on your interests and preferences, ensuring an intimate and informative visit.

Book Your Private Viewing

To arrange your personal viewing, please get in touch. We will happily tailor your visit to your specific tastes and needs.

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WhatsApp: +41766113430

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