Collection: Yangir

Indulge in ultimate luxury with Laal's scarves, crafted from legally sourced 100% Yangir. The fibre of Himalayan Ibex, also known as the "Wild Cashmere". Handwoven by artisans on traditional looms, each stole boasts a diameter of 11.5-12.5 micron, outclassing standard 15-micron cashmere. Unique and available only once, each Yangir piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art with Sozni and Jamawar embroidery. 

Himalayan ibex gracefully navigating rocky terrain, showcasing the source of Laal's luxurious wild cashmere.
  • The "dorukha" or reversible Pashmina stoles have been in Kashmir since the 1860s. These beautiful, light, soft double-sided stoles are our best sellers. They are available in different colours and are popular among men and women.


    The "dorukha" or reversible Pashmina stoles have been in Kashmir since the... 

  • Laal's Purest 100% Cashmere handmade collection. Photo shows exquisite Pure Natural Cashmere Shawl.


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  • Woman showcasing the 'Eye of the Nightingale' cashmere-silk blend stole by Laal, with its subtle diamond weave and nuanced sheen, crafted by Kashmiri artisans for timeless elegance and comfort.


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  • Essential 100% Cashmere collection of handmade scarves, stoles and shawls from Laal


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